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Find the Best Cruises in Mediterranean

Mediterranean Cruises

If you’ve never taken a Mediterranean cruise vacation, you might wonder what the best time is for traveling in this manner. Those traveling with children as well as anyone who prefers sun-soaked beaches should plan a cruise during the peak season. From May to August, cruise ships in the Mediterranean are packed with ocean-going families and sightseers. Beaches are warm and sunny but crowded, and opportunities for snorkeling and exploring marine habitats abound. If you can travel in early May or late September, the weather will likely still be warm enough for a few days on the beach, and the crowds will be thinner.

Great bargains and far fewer children will be found on Mediterranean cruises in the fall and early spring. During these times, you can often find extended cruise options with ports of call in Morocco and the Canary Islands, locations that get uncomfortably warm during the summer months. The Mediterranean climate may be cool during October and November, but temperatures are not uncomfortably cold. In March and April, temperatures warm quickly, providing beautiful spring days for those exploring southern Europe.

If you’ve been searching for an affordable way to see the highlights of southern Europe, a Mediterranean cruise vacation is a great opportunity. You’ll enjoy the luxurious comforts of a cruise liner as well as the timeless sights of Europe’s most ancient cities.

Cruise from Barcelona

Some of the most popular western Mediterranean cruises depart from Barcelona. These cruises often involve visits to Italian destinations, and some may also include visits to popular ports in Portugal. In addition to ports of call in Italy, Barcelona cruises may make a stop in France, often in Marseilles. If you wish to visit smaller ports, like those along the French Riviera, choose a cruise on a luxury liner. These vessels offer cruises that cross into the eastern Mediterranean for stops in Greece as well.

Cruise from Rome

Travelers interested in really seeing Rome should choose a Mediterranean cruise departing from this location. During a port stop here, you will only have a chance to see a few of the city’s highlights. On the other hand, if you fly into Rome and spend a few days in the city before embarking on a Rome cruise, you should have the opportunity to see more of the sights. For any visit to Rome, a City Pass will help you see the city on a budget. Once you set sail from Rome, common ports include Florence, Cannes, Barcelona and Naples.