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Find the Best Cruises in Europe

European Cruises

Traveling to Europe is the trip of a lifetime for most tourists, and what better way to take in all of the incredible sights and scenery than from a cruise ship. There are a variety of cruises throughout Europe ranging in length from a few days to a few weeks with a great selection of ports to leave from.

Venice is a very popular port in European traveler’s plans. With 1 million cruise passengers a year, it is the 3rd busiest port in Europe. Visitors enjoy gondola rides throughout the famous waterways, and spend time touring famous buildings in the city, most notably in and around St. Mark's Square, where the Basilica, Doge's Palace, and Campanile are located. A cruise from Venice, from a number of different cruise lines, generally focus on areas and ports in the Adriatic Sea, Turkey, and the Aegean Sea (including the Greek Islands).

In Paris, the most popular destinations often include: Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Notre Dame, and the Arc de Triomphe. Tours of historic French churches, and enjoying famous French cooking, wine and pastries at one of Paris' renowned cafes are enjoyed activities in this "city of lights". Several cruise lines make Paris a highlighted stop on their international cruises. Some cruises originate from Paris, and make a more-or-less "one-way" voyage to varied European ports. And there are many cruises that begin and end in Paris, with a great number of port stops along the way.

Stockholm, Sweden's capital, is comprised of 14 islands, and is known internationally as perhaps the most popular turnaround port on northern European cruises. The most notable tourist attraction here is Gamla Stan, one of the world's best preserved medieval cities sites. Colorful multi-level structures line the vista here, with the Royal Palace looking down majestically over this historic landscape. From Stockholm you can visit incredible ports from around the world. The ports (countries) include: Copenhagen, Finland, Russia, Estonia, and many Scandinavian ports, Spain, Canada, Amsterdam, England, Italy, Portugal, Hamburg, and France.