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Find the Best Cruises in Caribbean

Caribbean Cruises

A Caribbean cruise is a great way to explore multiple islands and destinations without ever having to change hotel rooms or unpack. Comfortable loungers and poolside activities make the cruise deck a peaceful and relaxing place to enjoy the Caribbean sun during your days at sea. Common ports of call can be found throughout the Caribbean, and departure points include several Florida locations as well as other points along the Eastern Seaboard and the Gulf Coast.

Cruises to the eastern Caribbean often include stops in the San Juan, Puerto Rico as well as several ports in the Virgin Islands. Many also include visits to the Bahamas, although this small chain of islands is technically not a part of the Caribbean. Common ports there include Nassau and Paradise Island. Many smaller cruise lines will incorporate stops at Grand Turk as well, where nature lovers can hike, zip line or enjoy other extreme sports. At St. Croix, cruise passengers will discover hidden gems including historical sites and amazing snorkeling opportunities.

Ports in Mexico, Belize, Honduras and the North Coast of Jamaica are common stops for cruises in the western Caribbean. Some of the most popular stops include Cancun and the Bay Islands. Coral reefs and a diverse assortment of marine life create amazing opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving in this part of the Caribbean. History buffs will enjoy excursions to sites in Belize City where Mayan ruins are an easy journey from the coast. Grand Cayman beaches may seem a bit cliché, but many first-time cruise guests will be delighted by the white sandy beaches and the duty-free shopping opportunities.

On a southern Caribbean cruise, guests will enjoy many of the natural wonders experienced by Christopher Columbus and his compatriots. Common stops include Port of Spain in Trinidad, St. Kitts, Aruba, Antigua, Curacao, Grenada and Barbados. Southern cruises call on the farther outlying areas of the Caribbean. This provides travelers with a chance to explore less developed areas. Nowhere else in the world can you experience a drive-in volcano, like the one at St. Lucia, and the railway tour at St. Kitts is an adventure to be enjoyed by both history buffs and those that simply want to see more breathtaking Caribbean vistas. Kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving and exploring rain forests are all options for those who chose a southern route for their Caribbean cruise vacation.

As the popular Bahamian folk song says, “Once is not enough.” when you visit the Bahamas or any part of the Caribbean. Many people set sail from Florida, choosing a cruise from Miami or a cruise from Fort Lauderdale. However, cruise options also exist for departure from locations in Texas, Louisiana and New York City. Wherever you choose to set sail, you’re sure to have an amazing adventure on a Caribbean cruise.